Monday, 11 June 2018

Cetaphil: Everyday Moisturizer

Dear Glammys!

Winter is long gone, and while we are drenched in sweat and can not imagine putting anything on our face/body; oh well we still need to moisturize. The weather here in Pakistan nowadays is extremely scorching, nevertheless, we need to keep our skin protected. Although we might be sweating profusely, but it doesn't mean we don't need to moisturize. I can not emphasize enough, how important it is. 

While it was winters, I got into using Cetaphil Everyday Moisturizer. 

Its neither too liquid-y nor too thick, and does not feel heavy on skin. Also since its fragrance free and lightweight, hence making it suitable for Sensitive skins as well. Although  now that its summers, I find it really heavy on my skin, since I have oily/combination skin and I sweat really bad but for winters it was perfect.

If you suffer from dry patches anywhere on your face/body, this is perfect to use. Now that I don't use it too often on my face, I still love to use it for my hands and feet which still dry out badly in summers.

If you are looking for good everyday use moisturizer, which is absolutely fuss free and can be used on kids just as well as on adults, then give this one a go.

Do share your thoughts if you try it or use it already.

Love, Hadiya

Friday, 18 July 2014

The Best YOU Can Be!

Dear Glammys!

After a long era of Silence, I assume it is time to get glammed up again. Well since it's end of week, I thought of sharing some motivation and inspiration. These little words have impact on us whether we accept it or not, subconsciously they cling to us and make sense in situations when we need them the most.

It's for all the times when we dwell in self doubt, start questioning our own motivations and start losing faith in our own future. So when you get down that road, just remember to be kind to yourself, before you can be kind to others and before you can expect any kindness from anyone else. No one can be better judge of your situation. Only you, yourself can make things better in your life, because after all, it's your life. Enjoy the weekend and give yourself a small treat and appreciate the goodness in you; you're Worth it! <3

Love, Hadiya

Monday, 30 September 2013

BB Cream Hype!

Dear Glammys!

Hope you all doing fabulous :)

Today I plan to share my thoughts on much hyped foundation alternatives in form of BB Creams. By now, we've all heard about them and the markets are flooded with all sorts of BB creams claiming to be the ultimate problem solvers for skin and promising to be the best of the best. Well, I haven't tried a lot of them, but I have tried a few. And I can quite safely say I'm impressed with this one.

The great BB Cream in review today is Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. The one I have is for Combination to Oily Skin and is in shade Light. Its also available for dry skin type.

Well this claims to be packed with solid dose of goodness and promises to do below 5. I believe it does pretty amazing job for your skin.

  • Evens Tones 
  • Hydrates
  • Renews
  • Protects
  • Brightens
The good news, apart from working as moisturiser, cover up, tint for your skin, it also has SPF. So, you don't need multiple layers. Just apply this and you can skip the rest of the slathering on steps. 

It comes in a squeezable tube as you can see below. I'm not a fan of its packaging. But the product is kind of worth the hassle.

I must say it's very runny in consistency and will never give you the chance to squeeze the product out. I would have preferred the pump on it, to make it easier to use and also so less product is wasted. Also would have made it less messier for your makeup bag. However, I don't mind cleaning the tube with tissue. 

Even though it's very runny, I like it a lot. It's very lightweight. Doesn't give you the feel that you're wearing anything on your skin, which gives your skin a chance to breathe. I wouldn't say it gives you heavy duty protection; which technically it shouldn't because its basically a tinted moisturiser. But it evens out your skin tone perfectly. Frankly, I love it sooo much I've skipped wearing foundation to weddings too. The last event I attended, I only used this on my skin along with concealer and powder. 

So, here you can see how the BB cream looks like. Yeah, scared me too that its too light. One downside, we don't have huge shade selection (only light and medium), yet still it makes up for it pretty easily as it sits on skin so perfectly and blends in so well, it goes with wide range of skin tones.

Here is a builded swatch. Looks scary.. :P

And here is the blended swatch. You can see it blends out perfectly and brightens up the skin tone.

It claims to have mineral particles in it, hence you get that glow.

For days when I'm super exhausted and dull, I just apply it all over the face very thinly, which gives me awake look and brightens the skin making it appear less dull. For normal day to day, I add a drop of it to the drop of my everyday moisturiser to make it even more light in coverage. And then set it with my L'oreal Mineral Powder in translucent. I love this product.I have noticed that it doesn't break me out and is perfect for keeping your skin looking light and fresh. It actually does very well what it claims to do. It also has SPF, which is always a plus for lazy people like me who skip the step of applying sun protection to the skin.

It's very budget friendly and is under PKR 400. Also it's very easily available all over the market. You only need very little, so a single tube will easily last you a long time. I've already purchased my second tube, I like it so much. Do give it a try and share your thoughts, Also do share if there are any other recommendations.

To read more about BB Creams, please click here..
Love, Hadiya

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Staying Matte!

Dear Glammys!

Its humid, its rainy, its sweaty and its plain hot. But a girl has got to look good anyway. No one would like to see you oily dull face. And very frankly, we don't want to end up looking like that anyway throughout the day.

So let's weigh down our solutions, other than of course, keeping our face properly cleansed and wearing very light makeup, we can keep using tissue paper or use makeup setting sprays or simple as that use water splashes. 

Wait, we do have another solution too, which is very well trusted and most commonly used by all... PAT on Some face powder! 

Now that as always I've written what I'm talking about. Let's get into details.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Yea, almost a cult favourite for beauty community, we've all heard about it. Is it worth it? YEAH! The shade I have is in 001 Translucent.

The back says that it will keep you matte for next 5 hours and acts as a natural shine control and has natural minerals. Also it claims to minimize the appearance of pores. Well, I wouldn't totally disagree to that. 

I have very oily skin, and for me it works for good 3-4 hours depending upon how hot it is outside. It instantly mattifies your skin and since its very fine textured, you don't see it sitting on your face like a mask. It doesn't reflect back in photos, and doesn't make you look like a ghost. Just give you skin some time to settle it, buff it or just pat it, and it will work wonders for you.It does give you appearance of less pores, but not that much.. Though it works. You might have to re-apply it, unless you're lazy like me in which case you wouldn't bother!

I usually use it on top of BB cream (since I'm not a fan of foundations for hotter and humid seasons). Don't forget your skin needs to breathe to look better from inside out, so keep makeup to minimal in humid weathers and thoroughly cleanse and wash at day end. 

It has quite good shade variety available, but I prefer translucent, as it's less visible on skin and you don't have to go through headache of matching and finding your own perfect shade. 

It really disappears into skin, gives you brighter complexion and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Also, it comes with a very reasonable price tag of I believe PKR 600. And you can very easily order it online from JUST4GIRLS.PK. I got mine from there as well :)

Give it a try, its quite worth it and is a good product. The only downside is packaging. The lid doesn't stay on. It very easy to break and comes with no applicator or mirror. So you need your own brush and mirror to apply it. Before putting it in your hand bag, be very okay with the fact that it might break or crack. I just broke mine two days ago, but I'm not so sad, because it was nearly hitting pan already. From the packaging you can tell, it was well loved and well used. One of my top favourites to use this summer. 

I just wish packaging was better. :(

Overall I'm very happy with it and would recommend it.
Love, Hadiya

Friday, 17 May 2013

Bourjois Liner Pinceau!

Dear Glammys!

Since we are all glammys, I'm quite confident that we all like to look good and glam up for everyday and feel like a superstar..! Be it dressing or makeup, it all adds up to our confidence and makes us look and feel better and presentable on the days when we don't even feel like getting out of beds in the morning.
Nevertheless, for me the most easiest look to pull is with minimalistic products; wash face, moisturize, conceal and highlight if its extremely bad looking day, put on pore minimizer to reduce effects of oils on nosy, put on eyeliner, some kajal if eyes allow to out the pencil on the waterline, plenty of coats of beloved mascara, lipstick as cheek and lip stain and brows if needed. That's it. Now I'm ready to head out to start my day officially. See simple, with basic product being eyeliner. Now that brings me to focus point of this post, which as the title says is eyeliner. I'm always on the lookout for super pigmented eyeliner which stays on all day just as strongly as when it was put on and which is also super easy to apply.
This french type named eyeliner "Bourjois Liner Pinceau Liquid Eyeliner" claims to stay for 16 Hours. Claim big much!! Well its tried and tested. I apply it around 7:30 in the morning and it stays on till I cleanse and wash my face at night around 10:00 pm usually. Thats says alot about staying power, doesn't it?! Let's also keep in mind I have extremely oily eyelids and I use no primer underneath this liner and still it stays put! That's a win-win product for me straight away :)

Now let's talk about the color. It's not typical black. For everyday and office/university etc, I tend to sometimes avoid the harsh black and instead opt for subtle deep browns. The color for this one is "33 Brun Impressionniste". It's a brown with very close resemblance to black yet not as hard as black, and still gives that definition which you crave and can achieve with black particularly. Here's the swatch for you, which looks very much like black but is not.

Talking about the applicator, it's not your typical felt tip pen kinda thing, its actually a fine brush, which may look insanely difficult to apply, but believe me its not. It actually bends with the curves of you eyes and you need to use a very light hand for applying this liner. It wouldn't pick globs of product, and if you clean the sides on the tube, like you do with nail polish it will be more easier for you to handle and use. Perfect!
Its easy to use long lasting, good staying power even though not waterproof but I find it to be sort of water resistant, long lasting, and comes with budget friendly tag of Rs 1140/- and considering the use you'll get out of it, it's worth it. :)
I'm happy with it and I'm quite positive that you'll love it too. It's available at all major drugstores, so give it a go and share your thoughts.
Love, Hadiya

Monday, 22 April 2013

Mythic Oil!

Dear Glammys!

As the weather gets hot and humid, we start noticing our hair going haywire, and they start acting out. They get frizzy and get static charge and due to hot weather start looking dull.Well let's just say not so super as we'd like them to look. And if you dye your hair and are color fanatic like me, you will experience these effect on a magnanomous scale. What to do to sort it out? Oiling? Yes ofcourse. But do you have enough time at your hands to oil and wash your hair everyday? We need something quick, something which doesn't leave us looking like an oil well.
If you're facing same issues, my friends without further ado, let me introduce to the world of Loreal Professionnel's Mythic Oil. Its not a magic wand which will vanish away your hair problems, but it will help your hair look better, feel better, feel healthy and be under control. Manageable in short. And you won't have to go through zillions of troubles either. If you keep using it regularly, you'll see the difference yourself.

How to use is fairly simple. Squeeze a pump out (yes it comes with a pump), and massage on the hair, leaving the roots as it can make your hair look greasy. Also avoid applying too much. A little goes a long way. You can use it in both wet and dry hair. First it leaves your hair smooth and silky and easy to comb through. Secondly it leaves them smelling gorgeous. Thirdly, they get easier to style, whether you blow dry, straighten, curl or simply put your hair in ponytail or bun/braid. This hair oil is multipupose. You can even use it for hot oil hair treatments. Don't be intimdated by the word 'oil'. Its fabulous and really easy and leaves your hair healthy and tangle free without making them super oily or greasy; please note that less is more. While applying, specially focus on the ends of your hair. As I dye my hair quite alot, I have noticed a huge difference after using this. And it has become a staple in my everyday hair routine. Keep in mind though that even if you're using it everyday scarcely, every week you still need to deep condition your hair as the weather can take its toll on th hair very easily.
It does come with a hefty price tag (roughly around 2.5k PKR; I don't remember exactly), but dear glammys this lasts ages. So worry not and spend away. And I can assure you, you won't regret a penny you spend on buying this. I bought mine in December last year and I've been using it religiously and still I have only used almost less than half of it.
Give it a go and let me know how you like it.  Give those waves a flaunt and walk in style.
Love, Hadiya

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Glam Spends #2

Dear Glammys!

Had you already not guessed, I'm a shopaholic. Even though its end of month which means low on budget; nevertheless I went out to window shop and maybe just buy a body wash as I was almost out of it. But you know, seeing those shops with the lovely displays, you ought to give in a little. That's exactly what happened. I went to buy actually nothing and came out with more than a body wash. Aaaaahhhh the pleasures of shopping and over spending. Well, here's the sneak peek to what I brought. 

I told you it was more of a spontaneous spend. But worth spending, as you can see I only bought the necessities. 

Although I could have done with one body wash and one body spray, but come on, a girl needs to smell gorgeous at all times. So that justifies it, doesn't it!!

Anyway, detailed posts and reviews on these will be coming soon. 

Meanwhile, don't forget to treat yourself to some luxury time. We all deserve that pampering once in a while. 
Love, Hadiya