Sunday, 11 December 2011

French With a Twist!!

Dear Glammys!

French manicure has always been the "in-fashion" thing. No matter what season, what occasion, what fashion trends; you can always pull off a french manicured hand. It omits the need to color match your nail polishes with your dresses (which I must say is fun part of dressing up and being a girl (: but nevertheless its a time consuming errand quite often ). 

So today, I thought I'll share my idea of French manicure with a twist. 

Sometimes I just put on any pink shade or slight purple shade (even works with nudes and beige) and after a couple of days, when the color starts boring me or if I want to glam-acize (is that even a word lol well now it is) my polish I just add a very simple french tip.

You can see that smile lines of the french tip aren't too perfect, just a straight swipe of white on the tips. But this is what adds to the look. It is effortless and easy and takes not more than 10 minutes to do. Don't forget to put on your favorite top coat to make it all shiny and fabulous.

And to dress it up and make it even more eye-catching and fit for a princess, I like to add a very elegant ring!

Now, you are all glammed up and ready to go to party or even sit home and feel pretty precious :)

Love, Hadiya