Friday, 30 December 2011

Mauve is the New Nude!!

Dear Glammys!
Its been ages since I last posted. Hope you all good out there. Anyways...

I recently bought couple of nail polishes. So thought to share them with you all. (above picture is with the flash on, so you can see the colors better. And the piccy below is without flash so be the judge yourself of the colors...HAHA they almost look insanely same).

Anyhow.. I have been using all of these colors non-stop. Especially the white because frankly we all know what a necessity french manicure is. The two browns are my favorite by Sweet Touch Cosmetics and are a second and third time repurchase respectively. The transparent top coat is basic as we know. The only new color in all these for me to try was Mauve. 

Alright now comes the honest review. These nail polishes are not at all expensive. Expensive than Medora maybe and cheaper than Etude. The reason I'm not comparing it to OPI is because very frankly OPI is not readily available in Pakistan still and also because I'm certainly not the person who'll splurge Rs. 650 on a single nail varnish specially considering the nail color addict I am. I'll go bankrupt and I really don't want that in my limited allowances to happen. So we are clear here that this is just a drugstore brand. And very frankly there staying on power is not as amazing as I want it to be but you can make it last a couple of days by applying base coat and top coat and maybe two-three coats of the color itself. Also depends on how careful you are with your nail polish application and maintenance. But I love these anyway because they dry super-fast like really you don't have to sit for ages. 5 Minutes and you'll be good to go. Secondly the applicator is really long which I like and brush is of the right thickness, making it super easy to apply the varnish. Here's the piccy of the brush so you can see.

I really love wearing Choco Cream because its such a lovely nude color and really compliments every thing. Hard Cafe is a darker version of Choco Cream and is just as adorable. (I'll put up the pic of me wearing that color on fb. So be sure to check out my fb page and don't forget to like it if you haven't already).

And Mauve is the perfect elegant color. Its also very sheer unlike the other two which are opaque even with a single coat. So recently i read in ELLE magazine (in there November issue I guess) that Mauve is the new Nude. Yeah. You heard me. Mauve is the color of the season in terms of nail. And I totally agree because I have been having so much fun with this color. 

So that's pretty much it. Super fun and super affordable. You might want to buy these colors or even other colors from Sweet Touch Cosmetics if you are a nail color addict and don't want to be bankrupt hehe (:

Have fun! 
Love, Hadiya <3