Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Super Liner (maybe)!

Dear Glammys!

Guess who is back in action? Oh yeah, it's me. Been a while. Anyhow... Today the point in focus is L'oreal 24Hour Super Liner Gel EyeLiner waterproof. That's a mouthful name. And as I am too lazy to click away or edit today, I'll just insert the piccy from our beloved Google Images. 

It's the Japanese/Asian version specifically as you can see some Japanese language (if i'm not wrong) on the box. I got it for like PKR 350 which is hell cheap considering the claims it makes and also considering that it's a gel eyeliner. Well let me tell you, its exactly the price you would pay for what it actually does. Anyway the price got me guessing that it might be a fake L'oreal product. Turns out, its not. I got some good reviews on makeupalley.com. Further searching the internet told me that its sold for like 12$-20$ depending on the online stores you buy it from like yesstyle.com or sasa.com (though I don't know if they deliver to Pakistan so you can check that out yourself :P) That's a lot of over charging as you know now that in Pakistan you can get it for like PKR 300-350.

Anyway lets get to the point of how good is it and is it worth it? First of all, I got to say packaging is adorable. Almost like packaging of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. It has that same classy touch to it. Glass container, good twisty cap and a very own soft bristle brush (which gives a very good line both thick and thin, however you like and prefer. Also is really easy to use for flicking the line. I could even tightline my eyes  with it and could use it in waterline too. Ah-mazing brush in short)  

Now, it claiming it to be waterproof, well not so much waterproof and it rubs off like crazy. I've got oily eyelids and I found it to be transferring onto my lids in a very short time. It doesn't last for 24hours either. Well, remove the 2 from 24 and that's how long it lasts - hardly 4 hours is the lasting time. You can increase it by an hour or so if you be a good girl and apply eye primer before applying it. But on me it hardly lasted for 3-5 hrs. After that you need to re-apply it to freshen up and look perfect again. 

The product to me looked and felt more like a cream eyeliner instead of being gel eyeliner, which is ok by me if it lasted on my eyes a bit more. I'm definitely in love with brush though, no denying that. It's super easy to use and gives the perfect line. The product itself is pigmented enough that it works just fine. 

Considering the price I payed for it, the quality is fairly satisfactory. Nothing too extra-ordinary just like I expected and suspected (whoa, that rhymes :D).

It's definitely worth the money if you are on the look out for something extremely cheap, yet still workable. Also if you want to get the feel of gel eyeliners and using eyeliner brushes, this can be your goto product for perfecting your technique and getting hang of the idea before you invest in something more expensive. I'd say it's not as much of a "super liner" as it claims on the packaging, but its worth it. 
Love, Hadiya