Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Glam Spends #1

Dear Glammys!

Today I thought I'd show you one of my weekend spends, which calls for a haul. Now doesn't it. I for one really like reall-lly love hauls, be it videos or blog posts, I just love it It's like virtual shopping or getting the satisfaction equivalent to shopping. And it also gives me ideas of what to buy and try next. So last weekend I went to actually just get some ice cream and ended up spending lots more than what an ice cream costs. Yeah, my bookshop fella had some nail stuff, (which is next to the shop from where I get ice cream) and I couldn't help but peek through the bookstore and that's what always ends me up in trouble because I cant resist buying (the good stuff or at least that's what I tell myself for any consolation LOL). And now that I had spent on the nail stuff, I thought why not just visit the drugstore too which is next to the bookshop, and oh well, that peek costed me too. So here comes the Glam Spends (my fancy name to declare my hauls and shoppings hehe clever I know :D)

First let me show you a collective picture!

Not much I know, but believe me it costed me dough! :D

Okay, so lets dig into Drugstore stuff.

It's summer people, we all need to stay fresh and odourless. And I have been absolutely loving this Nike deodorant. I've been using it non-stop and it has a very fresh scent. Haven't started using Dove one yet, so I'll post a review when I actually use it. (Still have my old one going which I absolutely love). 

Also from drugstore I found this! :D

Yups, a lip and an eye pencil. These two alone costed me like Rs. 700 *phew*. Till now I'm liking both of these a lot. But detailed review would be up soon featuring staying power and all that jazz. 

Now lets get into nail stuff =)

Who doesn't like bling bling?? I do! Hence the stickers. 

I have not used them yet, so can't say how I feel about them yet. But I just love how they look. A look with them should be coming soon along with the review.

Also let's not forget the much ignored hair ties in the collective pic (I just keep losing them and can't be bothered much about them. I use what I get as long as its comfortable hence the plain look of them :O). Also I got a basecoat (very basic from Medora). 

So, that's all folks. Keep your eyes on the blog for more reviews and hauls and much more. 

Love, Hadiya


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