Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Let's Get Social =)

Dear Glammys! 

This is just a very random post to let you guys know where you all can find me and support me and my work. Your support and feedback is highly appreciated as it keeps me motivated :)

So following are the social netowrking sites where we can hang out together other than this blog. 

You can like my facebook page by clicking LIKE button.

The name matching my blog name was already taken by someone. So here's my personal twitter and I would really love to hear from you glammys there.

Okay, I have a confession to make. I am addicted to Instagram and I cant get through the day without checking Instagram out. I seriously need an intervention. But it's so much more fun and personal in a way. I just love it. You can double tap on photos to like them and you can leave comments. It's superb. Even though its a phone app but you can still use your internet browser to follow me there. 

Also to get you all motivated for this, I'm going to give you a sneak peak of me profile there through Internet browser screen shot :P I share random likes theres :)

Lately I've been really interested in Pinterest. Its really exciting. You can make your own boards and organize them and pin the stuff to your boards. Its like really fun. 

  • GFC (Google Friend Connect)
Lastly lets not forget about GFC. Its also somewhat a little bit more important to me and effects me directly. So I hugellllyyy request you all to follow me through my GFC. If you like reading this blog, and if you appreciate what I do then please to keep me motivated follow me through GFC so I know my work is being read and appreciated. I shall be so thankful.
So now let me explain how this works. Its really easy. Don't be intimidated by the name itself. When you open this blog page, on the right side under follow me by email, you can see GLAMMYS and there is a button under neath it saying "Join this Site". Just click on that blue button. It will ask you for your email, which can be either google, yahoo or twitter ID. Just enter than and click OK and you're done. 

Please don't forget to be a glammy. It would mean the world to me. :)

Love, Hadiya


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