Saturday, 2 June 2012


Dear Glammys!

Hope you all are doing okay! It's been absolute ages since I last wrote something. I have been extreme busy with some personal stuff. Hence the lack of posts. Although I apologize for disappearing so randomly (me neither likeys it; but we have to manage). Anyway, now that things are better and I can get back to posting more, I've decided to post at least once a week. That is a big commitment for now till I don't get hang of things happening around me, but I promise to try my level best to maintain that schedule for now at least. Let us see how that goes :P

Meanwhile, I tried to re-vamp my blog outlook. I'm still not purely satisfied with it but it will have to work for now till I don't find enough time (and till I don't learn more). I'll keep on experimenting. Hang in there with me guys.

I missed posting here, oh GOSH. Thank goodness I can finally do it again. Looking forward to it and your feedback. Means a lot so keep it coming. 

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Love, Hadiya