Friday, 2 November 2012

Avon True Glow

Dear Glammys!

Hasn't it been ages since i shared anything . . . I know. My bad. Although I have so much toshare, but I hardly find any time to take the pics and then edit them and make them look a bit better (thanks to my poor photography and editing skills :d).

Anyway, lets dig in it while we can. Its been quite some time, that I got this Avon True Glow Set (although I call it a set, I got these things separately, so I dont know if it's sold as a set or not, but since its a true glow range so I choose to call it a set). It has a Perfume, Radiant Body Lotion and Radiant Shimmer Skin Spray. I guess you can see the theme here by Avon in terms of True Glow, which are also emphasized by the way they have named their products.


Although the perfume has been discontinued but it keeps popping time and again in their sale catalogues, so keep an eye out if you want it.



First of all, about this perfume, I would love to talk about it's packaging. Its beautifully packaged in a red/orange box which gives sort of an ombre effect (which is a theme with all the packaging of TrueGlow). Same goes for the bottle inside. As in the picture above of the bottle, you can see how it reflects light in an ombre-ish way from red to orange. Furthermore, look at that magnificient shape which resembles sort of flame and teardrop. The flame element goes classic with the name theme of TrueGlow.

 As I'm not uber smart with describing fragrances, so I'll quote what Avon has to say about it. 

"True Glow is a fragrance for happy woman. Jean-Louis Grauby, a French perfumeur, created it for Avon. True Glow is an optimistic and luminous floral fragrance with woody middle notes and musky base. The refreshing opening blends with sweet Fresia, mousewatering apple and crisp lemon, which awaken your scents and provide you with optimism. The note of Lotus and Passion Flower are blended with warm woody nuances in the heart of the composition. The sensual base includes Amber and Musk."
Now let me share my two pennies of how I find it to be. I feel its a very fresh everyday type of scent. Evn though it has hints of floral, to me it smells more of like a woody musky scent. And although I'm personally not a fan of musky/wooden scents (I'm more of a floral person :P), but still I find it to be quite nice and wearable for everyday.


As the name indicates itself, Radiant Body Lotion and let me tell you my friends, it actually does give radiance to your skin. Perfectly suited for summer days when you feel like glowing without any effort, otherwise its perfect combination for nights out. It helps in making your skin look smooth and supple and works as a real good moisturizer without leaving greasy residues behind. So I'll say go for it if you like subtle radiance which makes you appear healthy.   (p.s: see the ombre effect in packaging again)

Look at that bottle. Need I say more? It is spectacular to even look at. The sparkle/shimmery thing is evenly distrobuted even without shaing which makes it seem like super good product. And it actually is good. You spray it just a little and it would look as if your skin is itself naturally gold radiant. I would also point out that spray is really nice, makes it easy to apply and evenly distributes the product. The bottle is good plastic so won;t break, that's a plus. And I just can not emphasize enough how good it is. And how beautiful it makes your skin look. I would however strictly use it for evenings out/ parties/ special events. Its very subtle yet overpowering. Can you see the shimmer speckles in below picture. I tried my best to capture them even though I'm a flimsy photographer :D
I would say I super like these products, but then again, I'm not a very tough person to please :D You may be able to find these on Amazon, eBay or Avon's online shop. If you're lucky enough you might find these at your local drugstore. They are good value for money, and I cant give you exact price range because they differ at every place ranging from GBP 5 to 15. You'll have to do your research before buying. Your best bet would be to wait for sales for buying this as I wouldn't want to spend a lot on this. But nevertheless, it's going to be a purchase you wouldn't regret. Happy Shopping!
Love, Hadiya