Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Blossom Blush Tint

Dear Glammys!

Today I decided to review my one of the most loved products. No. 7 Blush Tint in Blossom.

To me, its almost like a cream blush in a stick. Convenient and very easy to use. I have the shade in Blossom which is number 15. They've got some amazing shade selection but this is the one I like the most. 

You can see that the color looks really dark but it comes on actually quite sheer on the skin. And its build-able but I like to use it just as a subtle hint to give that glowing blushed look. As its a cream product so it doesn't turn out to be cakey on the face. And you basically cant go wrong with it. Best part is, I don't have to hassle to find the right brush. I just take two fingers, tap lightly on it and blend onto cheeks. For heavier color pay off I directly apply it on the cheeks and then blend it . It gives that perfect rosy-dewy finish which I am a fan of specially for spring and winter.

With Flash
Without flash

The staying power is pretty reasonable. I prefer to apply it directly above my foundation (if I am using any that day) or just simply over my moisturizer, and to make it last longer I apply light dusting of normal powder blush in some pinkish color to set it completely so it doesn't wear off to quickly. If you don't wish to apply the powder blush on top of this, then you can simply lightly dust it with loose powder which will set it completely (this is what I do for everyday casual look).

It doesn't has huge shimmer in it, and it has that slight satin-ish dewy finish. So you would love it if you like dewy finished glow-y products.

The left one is builded swatch and the right one is blended swatch. You can see how it just beautifully blends giving your skin a very natural blush :)

Blended swatch with flash

This is my favorite product to use. The only downside for me is the price. Even though its a Boots/No. 7 product which is considered as a drugstore brand, still it is sold with a price tag of £10 for just 3.5g of product. I got mine from amazon.co.uk.

Apart from the price, I absolutely love this blush tint and it lasts pretty long time. I have been using mine for around 5-6 months now and its still going good :) If you can splurge, I'd recommend buying it. You won't regret it =)
  Love, Hadiya