Thursday, 9 August 2012

CHANEL Beauty Pop Up

Dear Glammys!

Hope life is treating you all very well.

Well, well, well... It's times like these which make me wish to be living in Europe or some place just as exotic. Have you heard yet? Well, I am sure you must have, if you are a fashion/beauty fanatic.

I just got an email a while ago from Chanel and ever since I have been drooling over Chanel. Since it has become sort of an obsession, I thought to share this with you guys. They just opened a Pop Up Beauty Boutique in Covent Garden, London. And let me tell you, it's far beyond amazing. I haven't been there, considering I live in this blessed land which is several miles and miles away from the Covent Garden, but nevertheless, the pictures I've seen and the coverage on Youtube tells me enough to say its a experience worth living.

Oh yess! Its 57 square metres dedicated entirely to the world of Chanel Beauty. They have all their products there, new, old, everything in short, including all the beauty and fragrance ranges. And what's more?! You can test everything and try everything yourself. Also you have more than eager to help and show you everything sales people. AHA! That's fun. New collection is also coming out soon I've heard :D

A lot of advertisement campaigns have been going on for this. One of them is fancy Cabs with Chanel written over them. You can find the images all over internet.

I wish Chanel was just as readily available here too, so we wouldn't be just dreaming about it. Well, a girl can dream!

What are your Chanel favorites?
Love, Hadiya