Sunday, 18 November 2012

Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

Dear Glammys!

Today I'm sharing my two pennies on this (rather old in Asia; and pretty new in US) mascara. 

Lets first share what Maybelline says what it makes you look like. (below picture is courtesy of Maybelline website :D)

So cat eyes?! Well, let me just start by describing the formula and consistency and all that jazz about the wand. I must say I love the formulation, it's collagen based and has a claw shaped wand. Consistency is pretty wet, but it wont transfer to your lid. The wand is quite curvy and fits at least perfectly with my eye shape. The wand is pretty flexible too I must say. Makes it real easy to apply. When I first saw the brush, I thought its a gimmick. But actually it works. It really works!! 

I specially love the packaging, vibrant and cheetah print-ish . Who wouldn't love that now? Also makes it really easy to find inside your makeup bag :P

It claims that it's going to give you Full and Flared Outer Corner Lashes. And I couldn't agree more. Now lets have a look at that beautiful magic wand.

Do you see those bristles. They feel bit plastic-y to me (in a good sense I mean), but I actually cant quite figure out what's the brush made of. But whatever it is, it holds up to its claim.

I suggest placing curved side first on the lashes and giving lashes a good zig-zag wiggle from roots to ends. Specially focusing on outer corner. Then use the convex side of the brush to really elongate and separate out the lashes. It's really going to open up your eyes, making them seem more awake and beautiful. I love that it doesn't give you clumpy lashes. Although the formula claims to be just volumizing, I personally find it to be extremely lengthening too. Its a good combination of both. And the brush shape is so good that it curls your lashes really well. Also as formula is wet but light weight so it holds the curl pretty much all day. The one I have been using is not in waterproof, but that's available on the market too. Even though it's not waterproof, I still don't have any issues with it's staying power. Once you put it on, it's going to stay put till you take it off.  The brush is deigned such that it gives extra flare to your corner lashes which makes it more cat eye like. I don't even bother to put eye liner with this mascara because this itself does that cat-lining for you. But if you want to accentuate that cat-eye , flick an eyeliner and you will look all glammed up with very little effort. It gives perfect application to both top and bottom lashes. 

It's pretty inexpensive. And I wouldn't mind paying this much for the good work it does. It gives definition, length and volume all in one. Costs around Rs. 890 and is readily available on all drugstores (Check out D. Watson, Shaheen Chemist, Boots, Medi Plus etc)

I would say that this mascara works pretty well for me and I've been complimented quite many times on eyes while wearing this Mascara. So it's a hit for me. Personally I love Maybelline Mascaras and their formulations; but to each it's own. I'm pretty sure that if you like slight volume, good length and defined curled lashes and wetness of formulation doesn't bother you, then you'll love to use this Mascara. (Between I love wet formulations because they don't tug your eye lashes and gives you plenty of time to play around with how you want your lashes to look; also multiple coats won't clump your lashes)

My suggestion would be to give it a try and share how you like it.
Love, Hadiya