Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Dear Glammys!

It's been really cold last couple of days... and when its really cold your skin tends to suffer; hence you need something which can battle the harsh times. This reminds me atleast of slathering body butters and yummylicious body washes and body scrubs. So one tends to pay visit to The Body Shop more often than not.

Well, this time I was saved a visit by my sister, as she got my chocoholic/shopaholic addiction covered with this beautiful and valentine-sh looking Chocomania set.

Let me show you the treasures inside.

Chocomania comes with four items; body scrub, body butter, body wash and lip butter. As delicious as it sounds, it smells just as good.  As the name says it all, it has overpowering smell of chocolate. Its that sort of smell which either you love or hate. And though I'm a choco fanatic, I'm not a big fan of this scent. It seems a bit too artificial and chemical-ly to me atleast but it goes without saying that the smell lingers beautifully on the skin. Now let me share my two pence on the products inside.

Chocomania Body Butter

Well, without any doubt, I would have to agree to "Feel Good Hydration" claim. It does leave your skin feeling really moisturized and nourished and its not so greasy so gives perfect amount of hydration without leaving a greasy film/residue on skin.  It easily melts into skin, making it super easy and quick to absorb.

Chocomania Shower Cream

Okay, I wouldn't lie, but I'm not a fan of artificial sort of scents, so I did not like it much like that. For me showering is a whole relaxation experience and frankly Chocolate smell doesn't seem to do that for me. But nevertheless, its pretty good, though I find you have to use bit more than usual to get all lathered up.

Chocomania Body Scrub

To pamper oneself, its always a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize and slough off dead skin. Specially in winters when skin can tend to over react and be flaky and itchy and slathering on moisturizers can lead to build up, in short exfoliation is your best friend in winters as it also helps in circulation of blood. And well, this scrub does what it claims, "Feel Good Smoothness". Though yet again, I'm not a fan of fragrance, but nevertheless the product does what its supposed to do perfectly.

The granules are neither too harsh, nor too soft, just the perfect texture for scrubbing away. The granules melt into the skin leaving skin moisturized and clean.

Chocomania Lip Butter

Well, while we're busy taking care of all our body parts and all, let's not ignore the most important part (*emphasize*) our lips. It takes good care of lips but it tastes so bitter and chemically so I wouldn't repurchase this particular lip butter, but maybe in other flavors.

In short the set is good, but a bit on pricy side. So if you are a choco fanatic then go for it. Personally I would much rather prefer some floral scents next time. Nevertheless, you would enjoy pampering and taking care of yourself. Happy Indulging! Xx
Love, Hadiya