Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Glam Spends #2

Dear Glammys!

Had you already not guessed, I'm a shopaholic. Even though its end of month which means low on budget; nevertheless I went out to window shop and maybe just buy a body wash as I was almost out of it. But you know, seeing those shops with the lovely displays, you ought to give in a little. That's exactly what happened. I went to buy actually nothing and came out with more than a body wash. Aaaaahhhh the pleasures of shopping and over spending. Well, here's the sneak peek to what I brought. 

I told you it was more of a spontaneous spend. But worth spending, as you can see I only bought the necessities. 

Although I could have done with one body wash and one body spray, but come on, a girl needs to smell gorgeous at all times. So that justifies it, doesn't it!!

Anyway, detailed posts and reviews on these will be coming soon. 

Meanwhile, don't forget to treat yourself to some luxury time. We all deserve that pampering once in a while. 
Love, Hadiya