Monday, 22 April 2013

Mythic Oil!

Dear Glammys!

As the weather gets hot and humid, we start noticing our hair going haywire, and they start acting out. They get frizzy and get static charge and due to hot weather start looking dull.Well let's just say not so super as we'd like them to look. And if you dye your hair and are color fanatic like me, you will experience these effect on a magnanomous scale. What to do to sort it out? Oiling? Yes ofcourse. But do you have enough time at your hands to oil and wash your hair everyday? We need something quick, something which doesn't leave us looking like an oil well.
If you're facing same issues, my friends without further ado, let me introduce to the world of Loreal Professionnel's Mythic Oil. Its not a magic wand which will vanish away your hair problems, but it will help your hair look better, feel better, feel healthy and be under control. Manageable in short. And you won't have to go through zillions of troubles either. If you keep using it regularly, you'll see the difference yourself.

How to use is fairly simple. Squeeze a pump out (yes it comes with a pump), and massage on the hair, leaving the roots as it can make your hair look greasy. Also avoid applying too much. A little goes a long way. You can use it in both wet and dry hair. First it leaves your hair smooth and silky and easy to comb through. Secondly it leaves them smelling gorgeous. Thirdly, they get easier to style, whether you blow dry, straighten, curl or simply put your hair in ponytail or bun/braid. This hair oil is multipupose. You can even use it for hot oil hair treatments. Don't be intimdated by the word 'oil'. Its fabulous and really easy and leaves your hair healthy and tangle free without making them super oily or greasy; please note that less is more. While applying, specially focus on the ends of your hair. As I dye my hair quite alot, I have noticed a huge difference after using this. And it has become a staple in my everyday hair routine. Keep in mind though that even if you're using it everyday scarcely, every week you still need to deep condition your hair as the weather can take its toll on th hair very easily.
It does come with a hefty price tag (roughly around 2.5k PKR; I don't remember exactly), but dear glammys this lasts ages. So worry not and spend away. And I can assure you, you won't regret a penny you spend on buying this. I bought mine in December last year and I've been using it religiously and still I have only used almost less than half of it.
Give it a go and let me know how you like it.  Give those waves a flaunt and walk in style.
Love, Hadiya