Monday, 18 March 2013

Fuchsia Ardent Anyone?!

Dear Glammys!
Its spring and with arrival of spring the first thing to look out for apart from flowers and fresh breeze is New Trends for 2013. Well well well, its all about corals, brights and pastels. And to be honest, I'm not the kind of person who'll be caught wearing pastel pink or bright orange. So I tend to find the medium ground where I am comfortable pulling off the look and which can be easily carried out for everyday look.
This made me search relentlessly for a shade which is not pink and neither orange. It should be a muted coral under pink family to bring out the undertones of the skin and which doesnt end up making me look dead. Something which is subtle and gives hint of classy, yet bright and young!
So after testing heaps of colors, I found my true match. Its subtle yet bright, exactly what I needed.

Its a lipstick by Bourjois in Shade 04 Fuchsia Ardent. It claim to be 100% Natural Origin, which I can acknowledge from the moisturized feeling it leaves on the lips, making them smooth and less flaky. This lipstick is very hyrdrating, which is always a plus point in any good shade.

(The top one with flash, the bottom one without flash)
It goes without saying that packaging is beautiful and makes u feel all chic and grown up. Its the kind of lipstick which you wouldn't mind taking out in public and applying deliactely on your lips while looking in the mirror of your compact! (A girl can dream)

As you can see, the color is very muted pink but is very close to coral once you apply to the lips. I like to wear it as a stain on my lips, which means I apply a light coat on the lips and then rub it into my lips with my ring finger (this also makes the color last longer on the lips), which leaves behind beautiful stain of color on lips which is neither over-powering nor muted enough to not be visible. The color is very soft and buildable. IF i want the color to be more bright, tehn apply two coats where I rub the first coat into lips and then apply second coat over it. I like wearing this on its own without any lip-pencil or lip-gloss. Its such a pretty color on its own that I cant brag enough about it on its own.
Although its meant for lips precisely, but nowadays, I love using it as blush color. This trend is also very happening nowadays where you match your lip shade to your cheek shade. (Hence the formulations of 2-in-1s products by Topshop! And also the reason why MAC and all the big makeup brands come out with matching lips to cheeks shades. So, why not bluff it by using the same lipstick!) This trick saves me money and time and I know my lipstick wont be going to waste once I'm done with this season's trend!
It wears off quite easily withn couple of hours (which mostly tends to be the case with all moisturizing lipsticks), so you will have to keep it handy to re-apply!  But its worth it since it won't dehydrate your lips like lip stainsand 12H stay on glosses do!
What more can I say to prove that I love it other than the fact this has been my Go-To lipstick for the past whole month and I've used up quite a lot of it.
Well, it comes with a hefty price tag of PKR. 1400 but I wouldn't mind paying this much for this quality product.  
Give it a try! Easily available at Boots, Shaheen and D.Watson.
Enjoy Spring!! :)
Love, Hadiya