Thursday, 12 September 2013

Staying Matte!

Dear Glammys!

Its humid, its rainy, its sweaty and its plain hot. But a girl has got to look good anyway. No one would like to see you oily dull face. And very frankly, we don't want to end up looking like that anyway throughout the day.

So let's weigh down our solutions, other than of course, keeping our face properly cleansed and wearing very light makeup, we can keep using tissue paper or use makeup setting sprays or simple as that use water splashes. 

Wait, we do have another solution too, which is very well trusted and most commonly used by all... PAT on Some face powder! 

Now that as always I've written what I'm talking about. Let's get into details.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. Yea, almost a cult favourite for beauty community, we've all heard about it. Is it worth it? YEAH! The shade I have is in 001 Translucent.

The back says that it will keep you matte for next 5 hours and acts as a natural shine control and has natural minerals. Also it claims to minimize the appearance of pores. Well, I wouldn't totally disagree to that. 

I have very oily skin, and for me it works for good 3-4 hours depending upon how hot it is outside. It instantly mattifies your skin and since its very fine textured, you don't see it sitting on your face like a mask. It doesn't reflect back in photos, and doesn't make you look like a ghost. Just give you skin some time to settle it, buff it or just pat it, and it will work wonders for you.It does give you appearance of less pores, but not that much.. Though it works. You might have to re-apply it, unless you're lazy like me in which case you wouldn't bother!

I usually use it on top of BB cream (since I'm not a fan of foundations for hotter and humid seasons). Don't forget your skin needs to breathe to look better from inside out, so keep makeup to minimal in humid weathers and thoroughly cleanse and wash at day end. 

It has quite good shade variety available, but I prefer translucent, as it's less visible on skin and you don't have to go through headache of matching and finding your own perfect shade. 

It really disappears into skin, gives you brighter complexion and does exactly what it's supposed to do.

Also, it comes with a very reasonable price tag of I believe PKR 600. And you can very easily order it online from JUST4GIRLS.PK. I got mine from there as well :)

Give it a try, its quite worth it and is a good product. The only downside is packaging. The lid doesn't stay on. It very easy to break and comes with no applicator or mirror. So you need your own brush and mirror to apply it. Before putting it in your hand bag, be very okay with the fact that it might break or crack. I just broke mine two days ago, but I'm not so sad, because it was nearly hitting pan already. From the packaging you can tell, it was well loved and well used. One of my top favourites to use this summer. 

I just wish packaging was better. :(

Overall I'm very happy with it and would recommend it.
Love, Hadiya