Friday, 18 July 2014

The Best YOU Can Be!

Dear Glammys!

After a long era of Silence, I assume it is time to get glammed up again. Well since it's end of week, I thought of sharing some motivation and inspiration. These little words have impact on us whether we accept it or not, subconsciously they cling to us and make sense in situations when we need them the most.

It's for all the times when we dwell in self doubt, start questioning our own motivations and start losing faith in our own future. So when you get down that road, just remember to be kind to yourself, before you can be kind to others and before you can expect any kindness from anyone else. No one can be better judge of your situation. Only you, yourself can make things better in your life, because after all, it's your life. Enjoy the weekend and give yourself a small treat and appreciate the goodness in you; you're Worth it! <3

Love, Hadiya