Get to Know Me Better!

My name is Hadiya and I love makeup and fashion. Although I am a software engineer but blogging is my hobby and passion and I wish to take this concept to a whole new level :)

I have big aspirations. Ever since I was a kid, I have been all into girly things but true colors shone through during my teenage years and that is the time when this really became a passion of mine. I absolutely love love love to buy makeup and all fashion and beauty related items. I'm all into fashion accessories. Hence it lead me to share my love for all things glam with you guys and what better platform could I get other than blogging. 

Other than being glammed up, writing and reading books is one of my favorite past times along with watching seasons like The Grey's Anatomy, Charmed, Chuck, The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle and the list goes on. I am also a bit too much into baking. And you will hopefully get to see all these colors of me through my blog. 
Love, Hadiya


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